Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge



Saint David

Newfoundland estate, Rosalie


Latitude: 15.373633

Longitude: -61.275212



+1 767 446 1886

+1 767 275 1886

+1 510 578 6578

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Rosalie Forest & 3 Rivers Eco Lodge Bamboo Tree Houses rainforest experience, is a small, award winning, eco lodge set in in the heart of the Rosalie Rainforest, surrounded by fresh flowing rivers and pure jungle, in natural and unspoiled eastern Dominica, offering a unique rainforest experience. Located 15 minutes hike, behind our twin partner easy access 3 Rivers eco lodge.



Our Bamboo Tree Houses, CAN ONLY BE REACHED after a 15 minute steep uphill rocky hike, with a reasonable level of fitness required, deep into the forest jungle. You will be totally secluded : Only wildlife around you.



For a range of easy access charming accommodations visit our twin partner 3 Rivers eco lodge. self-contained cottage & apartment, community Homestays, dormitory & camping facilities, and on site restaurant bar & games room And a range of community, nature,adventure ACTIVITIES for all.



The 15 minute steep uphill rocky jungle trail (NO EXAGGERATION) to reach the Rosalie Forest bamboo tree houses is just the beginning of the adventure; without the hike, or with vehicles, the atmosphere, the seclusion, and wildlife would just not be the same. The morning light and the nightly nature musical noises, form an ambiance that is totally unique.



For some the first time hiking to the forest can be tiring, but as you become accustomed, you will understand and enjoy the non stop nature walking experience to reach the bamboo tree houses,; and also the reason for minimum 2 nights stay.



Gary our donkey can carry your bags on arrival or departure, on his timetable not yours, and your personal jungle porter/guide/chef is available for hire on request

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