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The noun fly-fishing has one definition: implementing the art of fly casting with an artificial fly to catch game fish. 


A unique and ancient angling technique originally devised principally for trout and salmon, fly fishing is presently a popular method of angling for countless freshwater and saltwater game fish. The catching of a game fish with an artificial fly represents the supreme angling achievement which has significantly challenged anglers abilities for hundreds of years. It is the oldest and most artistic form of recreational fishing . Fly fishing differs from all other forms of angling in that the weight of the line is propelled through the air rather than the weight of the lure. To cast properly the imitation fly must be nearly weightless yet of sturdy construction as it is the critical connection between the angler and his quarry. Stealth is characteristically fundamental in fly fishing as the angler must present the fly in a natural manner to artfully seduce the fish. 



The designing and constructing of a fly (fly tying) presents the angler with a stimulating opportunity to create the illusion of a prey species or other edible entity from inanimate materials. The actual finished fly and the anglers skill of presentation converge to deceive game fish into attacking the fly because of the certainty that it is a living thing. The angler�s expertise contested against Mother Nature and the natural cunning of the game fish gives fly fishing its singular fascination. 


There are basically two main groups of artificial flies, deceivers and attractors. Deceivers are designed to trick fish into believing that they are some sort of natural prey. The angler intent on the imitative method is obliged to achieve a wide-ranging understanding of the particular game fishs likely prey. Attractors don nott usually emulate any usual prey but are typically garish, extravagant creations calculated to aggravate the fish�s predatory drive and induce a hostile reaction. In-depth knowledge and familiarity concerning certain game fish reactions to prey affords crucial insights as to the way a fish will respond to the fly. 

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