Mariposa Ranch


United States


906 CR 225 Falfurrias


Latitude: 27.205423

Longitude: -98.056535





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Few places are as famous for quality game as the Mariposa Ranch. It is recognized for its abundance of wild game and its magnificent world-class hunts. Come and enjoy the pursuit of exceptional game, relaxation, and the unspoiled beauty of a South Texas ranch.


Whitetail Deer Hunt


Whitetail bucks are the most sought after North American game animal, and the Mariposa Ranch bears some of the best whitetail habitat in the country.  The vegetation, shrubs, mesquite beans, acorns, and a thousand varieties of grasses and weeds contribute to the high caliber of antlers in this area.


Bobwhite Quail Hunt


At the Mariposa Ranch, wildlife management and control is our business.  From clearing young mesquite growth to selective, controlled strip burning, we preserve and improve our quail habitat.  Too, unlike most, we use cattle to graze the grass just enough to keep it from becoming too thick.  We also shred over 200 miles of quail hunting roads each year. These measures ensure that our quail populations are not pressured and have pristine cover in which to hold and hide.


Rio Grande Turkey Hunt


One of the most thrilling and beautiful hunts at the Mariposa Ranch is for Rio Grande gobblers during the Spring.  The spectacular beauty and majesty of these birds as they strut and gobble is exhilarating.  Combined with the stunning colors of vegetation, wild flowers, and trees in full bloom, it is a moment in time few people ever see.


Mourning Dove Hunt


Few things are as challenging, exhilarating, and relaxing as dove hunting!  Like many places, we hunt our mourning doves over water holes.  However, instead of being limited to one or two tanks, the Mariposa has thirty-two ponds from which to choose.  That gives us the edge retaining and finding birds since they tend to relocate periodically and after each cold front.  This also enables us to accommodate larger groups of hunters and allows us to rest the doves by closing the tank(s) for a few days after an afternoon of shooting.  The area around each pond has ample cover and plenty of open space for unobstructed shooting.  All the water banks have been sloped and bladed.  Periodically, we shred the grass and weeds in the area to aid in cattle trapping and roundup.  This also entices the doves and makes it easier for the hunters to locate the downed birds.  Unless you travel abroad, you will not find a better dove hunt than on the Mariposa Ranch.


Nilgai Hunt


Imported several decades ago, the Nilgai, or Blue Indian Antelope, has proliferated in South Texas.  Fortunately not overrun with these animals, the Mariposa Ranch has healthy herds that roam freely. Extremely elusive and weighing up to 700 pounds, the Nilgai is not only difficult to hunt, but even tougher to bring down. This is a safari-style hunt and a rifle capable of shooting at least a 180 grain bullet and a well placed shot are essential.

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