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For those of you that have not hunted Nilgai, let me take a moment to share with you what I've learned about these incredible animals. First of all, you will not have a problem telling the steely blue bulls from the cows and young Nilgai, although judging trophy quality is exceptionally difficult.  An average male will sport horns of  more than eight inches long, and the base circumference will approach the length. A really great bull's horn will be anything over 8 inches long. Like Rocky Mountain goats, they are almost impossible to judge precisely.



You will find that seeing a bull is no problem, but judging horns, as well as getting a shot will be. Those darned things won't stand still long enough. I have witnessed mature whitetail bucks' standing for a second look, but the Nilgai on the far side of them has already vanished into the brush. To put it short and sweet, they're just plain spooky! For someone new at hunting Nilgai, the hardest lesson to learn is that they're just plain tough. A mature bull weighs 750 to 1000 lbs plus and this bulk should not be taken lightly. They have inch-thick, elastic like, hide that covers their shoulders and the hide will slip over a bullet's entrance hole - Nilgai don't leave blood trails often. On top of all that a Nilgai's first, last and in between reaction to receiving a bullet is flight. But after a challenging and successful hunt you'll have an beautiful mount for your wall, along with some of the best, if not the best meat around.

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