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Prairie Storm Outfitting is a Western Kansas Hunting Outfitter located in the heart of deer and pheasant country. Scott City, KS offers multiple hunting opportunities anywhere from hunting Mule deer and Whitetails, or busting up hundreds of Pheasants!


Whitetail Deer


Our Whitetail hunts are on 5,000 + acres all across Central Western KS and North Central KS. We hunt in KS Units 1,2,3 &17. With a lot of young large bucks being passed last season (2014) we are excited to see how well our management practices work this season on our bucks. Deer numbers are sky rocketing and buck number's are up.  Most of our Whitetail hunts will be from a ground blind or in a tree stand. Safety Harnesses are required for tree stand sits. We have a few available if you don't have one.  Every once in awhile we will put the boots on the ground and try to outwit them on a blood pumping spot and stalk.   



Mule Deer



One of the most unique big game animals we chase. The Mule deer is a very challenging animal to get a shot on. These deer will hide under cliffs, in small draws, or even disappear in a milo field. Most Mule deer hunts are spot and stalk. To harvest these deer it takes patience, wit, and pure stealth to get within range. Our Mule deer ground is ran on a lot of our whitetail ground, but the Mule deer dwell in the open when the Whitetails stick to the riverbeds and tree rows. Tags can be a challenge to receive through the Kansas draw, but if successful, this will be a great challenge, which makes success that much more rewarding in the end.  Due to high number's of whitetail's we will NOT be offering Muley hunts in 2016




The Duff family has been raising full blooded Bison since 1979. The ranch consist of 3,500 acres of the roughest country in Western Kansas. With bluffs, rocks, flat prairie, and rolling hills this hunt will be worth it's weight in gold. These Bison are not only truly a challenge to stalk but they can be very dangerous as well. With the adrenaline flowing, and the herd right in front of you, you will get an image of just how it may have been hunting these amazing creatures back in the 1800's. ​The setting will be breath taking and the chance to harvest the King's of the plains will have you grinning ear to ear. Call us on more details and available animals. We harvest Trophy Bulls, Mature   Cows, and meat animals.     


Pronghorn Antelope


​Just a rock throw from Kansas into Colorado is where you will find our Pronghorns dwelling on the open plains of the Kansas prairie. We offer over 7,000 acres of prime Antelope ground with rolling hills, farm ground, and water holes. The best way to hunt Antelope is wait, wait, and do some more waiting. Sitting over water holes on warm days in late September is the best option. If that doesn't work though, well then we will grab the decoy and put the stalk on. Just like Mule deer this takes a lot of patience and time, but the reward is worth every second. Non residents can get archery tags over the counter. Residents and non residents must enter a draw for rifle tags.



Rio Grande Turkey


Looking for a way to get outdoors in lovely spring? Well turkey hunting has all the hype any hunter is looking for after a long winter season. We offer full blooded Rio's. So anyone looking for a Rio Grande tom to build your Grand Slam​​, this is the place. We have 5,000 acres of prime turkey habitat. Our success rates run at about 85% for shotgun and 75% for archery. Those numbers do include misses, which will happen, that's hunting. This up close and personal hunt will give any hunter "turkey fever". Ground blind, ambush, or belly crawl are just a few of the methods to try and take down the thunder chickens of the plains.



Pheasant, Quail, & Chukar


​Birds, birds, and more birds! Wild or liberated your choice. We have been building our wild numbers for years now and the efforts have proven to be a great success. We do release birds throughout the seasons to insure we do not harm the wild populations. We will not just turn out birds the day you hunt. We actually have to put the work in, get the dogs out, and find these birds. Since we run a Controlled Shooting area, our season starts in Sept. and ends in March. You come hunt with us for a full day or more you can harvest double of what the KS limit is if you just hunted public land. Want to work your own dogs? Want to hunt with no guide? Or do you need a guide and our dogs? Well we offer all of that. You choose what and how and we make it happen.

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