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Brief update - guides reported late yesterday afternoon that the White River had gotten very dirty sometime during the day yesterday. This will negatively impact the fishing in the lower part of the river below the confluence with the White. If the fish can't see well, they can't see your bugs on the surface.


Overall, the hatch has just been so so this year. We have been getting nice fish on chubbies and Clark's stones here and there, but the fish don't seem to be lined up along the banks waiting for their buffet of stoneflies like we have seen them in past years. Don't know why, hope it isn't related to the tower operations - but I suspect that the trout are eating worms and snails on the bottom of the river because that is the biomass that has resulted from the poor quality water that the dam operators have been spilling into the Deschutes for several years now. The majority of the trout that we land have black spot disease, which they get from eating worms. Before the tower, no black spot disease, after the tower, the trout are now riddled with parasites. ODFW did a report on the health of the Deschutes trout and failed to even mention black spot disease....hmmm, you would think that might come up on their radar. Aren't they fish biologists?


We will keep you posted on the condition of the White River - perhaps a little drone footage later today so you can see it for yourself. As for the salmonfly hatch, it was really chilly last night and temps didn't get higher than about 70 degrees yesterday, so that will slow down the bugs that are here and in the bushes along the river. Most of the bugs are now in the Maupin area and upstream. Of course, golden stones and salmonflies are not the only players in the game this time of year, we should also remember that mayflies such as the Pale Evening Dun and the Green Drake will steal the show if they start popping off. Little yellow sally stoneflies are the little darlings of the Deschutes and they will be entering the limelight in the weeks to come - we have several species of yellow sallies, which means that they will be on the menu for at least 4-5 weeks.


I know that a lot of anglers only come to the Deschutes this time of year to fish the salmonfly hatch. I see the traffic patterns in the store. In terms of traffic and behavior of fellow anglers - you are seeing the Deschutes in, perhaps, her worst light. After the hype of this hatch passes by, the crowds of anglers disappear and the really good fishing begins. The trout get a little shell-shocked during the hatch and tend to sulk a bit after being hooked multiple times. They perk back up again when the crowds head for other rivers. I was guilty of being a salmonfly hatch only angler when I lived in Portland in the mid 1990s. It is such a fickle hatch that it usually disappoints a bit - "all these big bugs and I can't find a trout willing to eat my dry? I guess I'll nymph fish." It is a fickle hatch and you have to hit it on the right day with the right weather and the right moon and so on, but when it all comes together and you are hanging by one arm in the jungle water slinging big bug after big bug to eager trout in the trees, well, it's pretty magical. The hope is still alive and those days are still out there to be had this season. We have always said that the beginning of the hatch and the very end of the hatch are the most productive times for the big dries. I don't know if we are nearing the end, but a few more hot days will probably do it. Weather in the high 70s and low 80s this weekend may not be quite hot enough to get them all flying, so I expect the stones to stick around for at least a week or two longer. My prediction. Take it or leave it.

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