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We offer a variety of services at Hidden Trail Resort to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. We have modern cabins with all the amenities, a beautiful campground, a coffee shop for your morning gathering of friends, boat and motor rentals and experienced guides just to name a few.


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One of our favorite activities, here at Hidden Trail, is fishing. Whether you’re out to catch ‘the big one’ or you just enjoy the peace and quiet of being on the lake, we can accommodate you with knowledgeable guides and a wonderful time.


Sunset Country and Black Sturgeon Lake offer a large variety of fish to challenge your angling skills. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, you won’t be disappointed with your day’s catch in “The World’s Greatest Natural Resort.” In Sunset Country we take great care to preserve our fish stocks to ensure bountiful catches for future anglers.


The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources have fish management programs in place to ensure fish stocks remain intact. In Sunset Country we support catch and release programs.




One of the biggest draws to Sunset Country is the Walleye. Easily recognizable by the blunt point at the front, large opaque eyes and sharp teeth this fish is usually caught still fishing with artificial lures such as spinners, spoons, plugs and jigs. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to catch this steady battler. Locals often call these fish pickerel.



According to the Northern Ontario Outdoor Guide by the Outdoor News “Sunset Country, is a Walleye Wonderland.” With an Ontario record of 22.25 lbs. it’s easy to see why. Spawning takes place in spring or early summer.


Smallmouth Bass


Most Smallmouth Bass average 8 to 15 inches in length and are usually taken still-fishing, casting, trolling or by fly fishing with artificial lures.


Spawning usually occurs over a period of 6-10 days in the late spring and early Summer. Growth is rapid at first. When it comes to Smallmouth Bass fishing in Sunset Country, perhaps the Northern Ontario Outdoor Guide by The Outdoor News says it best.


“The Sunset Country region of Northwestern Ontario… has the best smallmouth bass fishing in the world. The bass are plentiful here, and can go to 6 pounds. And growing numbers of largemouth bass are found in several lakes.”



Northern Pike


Nicknamed “the freshwater shark,” the Northern Pike has a very long body with ducklike jaws and many light-coloured spots on its sides.


This fish spawns in the spring immediately after the ice melts. They reproduce quickly, but grow slowing. With an Ontario record of 43.13 lb., you can see that some just keep getting away to fight another day and while for others it’s the years voluntary catch and release that’s making a difference.


According to the Ontario Fisherman Fishing Annual, “Northwestern Ontario, is a Pike Paradise. Several regions in Northwestern Ontario seem to continuously produce more big pike than others.” You got that right!


Lake Trout


Highly prized both as a game fish and as a commercial species, they grow and reproduce at a very slow rate.


If you’re looking for a big one, then Sunset Country is the place. Just read what In Fisherman had to say in their acclaimed fishing magazine. “In this region, most lakers run 2 to 12 pounds. But Al Linder and company have landed them up to 28 pounds.” By the way, the Ontario record is 63.13 lbs..




Muskellunge is Canada’s largest freshwater fish. Spawning usually occurs in the spring and they grow relatively fast.
Muskie are easily recognized by the dark bars or stripes on its sides. Of the top 15 Ontario muskie catches on record, 11 were caught in Northwestern Ontario.


According to Muskie: May 1996, “In a reader survey, 70% believe the next world record muskie will be caught in Northwestern Ontario.” The current Ontario record is 65 lbs.


Sunset Country also has a good variety of other species you may be interested in including in your fishing trip: Whitefish, Perch, Crappie, Sauger and Largemouth Bass.


No matter what kind of fish you’re looking for, in Sunset Country you’ll always find a challenge with a little adventure tucked in your tackle box as well.


Hunting at Hidden Trail


Northwest Ontario’s Sunset Country offers the hunter some great opportunities. If its big game you’re after there is black bear, deer, and moose to challenge your skills. Northwest Ontario is known across North America for having some of the biggest moose anywhere. The opportunity for you to take home that prized trophy is here. There are also high populations of black bear and deer meaning you are almost guaranteed success. Our experienced outfitters know where the big game is and have everything you need for a successful hunt.


Northwestern Ontario also provides excellent habitat for a variety of grouse. These ground-birds include sharp-tails, spruce, and ruffed  grouse.


Sunset Country also offers great waterfowl hunting opportunities. Mallards, blue bills, teals, and mergansers along with several other species of ducks migrate through the region in the autumn. There is also good hunting opportunities for Canada geese. With thousands of lakes to choose from, Sunset Country is a veritable duck paradise - ensuring that you’ll achieve success during your hunt.

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