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Nile Perch Fishing Safaris


Catch Huge fish in the largest & driest desert on our planet


The Aswan High Dam was built in the 1960's and, the resulting Lake Nasser flooded over 6,200 sq. km. of the Nile Valley in southern Egypt; creating one of the largest manmade lakes in the world. The fish populations of the original river system were presented with this huge lake to live in and have thrived in their new habitat, especially the Tilapia and their predators, Nile perch, Tiger fish and big catfish. It’s hard to comprehend just how big Lake Nasser really is; for example, the flying distance between London Heathrow airport and Cairo airport is 3,524km – the shoreline of Lake Nasser, when in flood, is 7,844km almost twice the flight distance! --- Lots of places to go fishing.


Egyptians have been fishing for Nile perch since the dawn of civilization so why not come and try your luck as well, targeting one of the largest fresh water fish in the world, the legendary Nile perch? Tiger fish which can grow to 16lbs are also plentiful; one look at their vicious teeth leaves you in no doubt they are savage predators which, for pure sport on light tackle, take a lot of beating. There are also two species of big Catfish in the lake Vundu and Bagrus.



We are often asked, ‘What can I expect to catch on a safari?’ Fishing being fishing, who knows for sure? Most anglers can expect to capture at least one Nile perch of 50lb plus. Beyond that, anything’s possible – perhaps even another world record? We do not like to promise Nile perch of 100 pounds plus - they are there and they are often caught - we have broken the last 3 (IGFA approved) Nile perch all tackle world records with fish of over 200 pounds.


Anglers who visit Lake Nasser for the first time have an excellent chance of catching the largest “wild” fresh water fish of their life and have an angling adventure they will never forget.

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