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Adventure Sixty North is a small outdoor adventure center offering many types of trips and services year round here in Seward, Alaska. This company started out in 2004 with a dream to provide amazing adventures and services year round. We were the first and only guiding company to do winter guided tours and over the snow transports with our 12 passenger snow coach into the Kenai Fjords National Park. Our focus has always been  providing quality services to remote and very dynamic destinations in Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park. There is a reason that Adventure Sixty North has been asked to work with a ton of media productions - governmental agencies - educational entities, including the Discovery Channel, Weather Channel,  and the Eisenhower War College. We have even assisted with the President Obama visit and more. We are here to provide  guidance and services that are needed by our many outdoor adventurers that visitors to Seward, Alaska and the Kenai Fjords National Park year round. We love this pristine wilderness area so much that we choose to live here and play here! This is how we Roll!


Walk In Guided Sockeye Salmon Trips (Red Salmon) 

Seward Area


The size of an adult returning to spawn may measure up to 2.8 feet (86 cm) in length and weigh an average of 8 pounds (3.6 kg).


The adult spawners are unique in appearance. They typically turn bright red, with a green head; hence they are commonly called “red” salmon in Alaska. During the ocean and adult migratory phase, sockeye often have a bluish back and silver sides, giving rise to another common name, “bluebacks.” The name “sockeye” is thought to have been a corruption of the various Indian tribes’ word “sukkai.”


Red salmon or sockeye are one of the most numerous species of salmon to populate streams and rivers of Alaska. Many will swear that for eating no salmon tops the Alaska red salmon. The red salmon is by far the State of Alaska’s most valuable commercial salmon species, with millions of fish returning to Bristol Bay, the Copper river Basin, the Prince William Sound, Upper Cook inlet and the Kenai Peninsula. The sockeye salmon is a plankton feeder which is unlike the other Alaska salmon species and they are very passive toward lures. This salmon generally spends 2-3 years in the ocean before it returns to its spawning waterways in large schools. The driving force that brings the sockeye salmon to migrate to its spawning bed is legendary. You need only watch them leap waterfalls and speed through fast currents to see the force and will to survive that the red salmon possesses. Pound for pound the sockeye, is the strongest and most demanding sport fish in Alaska. The State of Alaska sportfishing record for this salmon is 16 pounds


Wes will provide poles and gear needed to fish for this species of fish from one of our many locations where the salmon come in from the cold Alaskan waters of Resurrection Bay and guide you as you fish for sockey's that abound in this part of Alaska. He will walk you in to the local gathering areas that the fish group in before running up the rivers. Its a fun and exciting time for all age and experience levels.


Times will vary according to tide times - The fishing definitely is better at the changing tides which happen 4 times a day. We have 2 highs and 2 low tides here in Seward.

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