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We are offering the rare experience of bear hunting in the area of Ilomantsi (Eastern Finland) where the distribution of bears is the greatest in the European Union.   Located on the Finnish-Russian border. 



Bear hunting expeditions are products of full service. At the start, the customers must only provide for their own transportation to Joensuu, Finland. From there he/she will be picked up in the morning of the first day, and will be taken back in the morning of the fifth day. Contact us and make your reservation soon. We are arranging only two expeditions a year. Obligatory documents: approved shooting examination, a rifle possession permit and hunting permit.


Welcome to big game hunting in Finland.



We are offering Cray fishing excursions of a high level with professional fishermen at lake Näsijärvi in Tampere during the period 21.7.-30.9. In lake Näsijärvi there are plenty of Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus), which we are catching during the entire Cray fishing season in the southern part of the lake. Cray fishing takes place from a boat using Cray pots (cage traps). Cray fishing excursion in a nutshell: Customers are picked up by boat from the harbour of Mustalahti. Then we sort through the baitfish nets and choose the proper bait. After that we bait the Cray fishing pots. Once we have set a sufficient amount of Cray fish pots into the lake, we move on to the shore to grill some sausages over a campfire and enjoy some coffee. When we’ve finished our coffee, the most exciting phase of the Cray fishing excursion begins when we raise the pots from the lake to see what we’ve caught. With the guidance of professional fisherman it is certain to catch Cray, so the catch is sorted. Any Crayfish under 10 centimetres in length are set loose back into the lake so that they may continue to grow. The excursion will end when we return to the harbour of Mustalahti where customers leave with their Crayfish catch. Crayfish excursions are products of full service in which the arranger provides for permits, food, equipment etc. The entire Crayfish catch belongs to the customers. The Cray fishing excursion has a catch-guarantee. This means that if no Crayfish are caught, 20% of the price is returned to the customers. The skipper of the boat retains the right and duty to cancel or interrupt an excursion if he finds it necessary for the security of the customers.


Welcome to Cray fishing in lake Näsijärvi.

Cray fishing excursion (prices include value added tax): 
Length: 6 hours (from 12 am to 18 PM)
Amount of customers: 1-4 persons
Price: EUR 700
Translation service (if needed): EUR 150


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