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Base Camps and Spike Camps



We use three main Base Camps for our hunting in the spring and fall. These camps are located at key areas in our concession. These well-built camps provide everyone with warmth, comfort, and relaxation. Base camps are always a welcoming place to start and end a trip. Depending on what camp you will be arriving at, a couple of the base camps are accessible only by air or horseback. In addition, one of our camps is accessible by vehicle too.



All the base camps have cozy, clean cabins for the hunters and guides. Cabins are equipped with real mattresses and bed frames for a good night sleep. The base camps also have seperate comfortable cookhouses to come and enjoy our country cooking which may include fresh fish, wild game meat, and fresh produce and baking to compliment the comforts of our camp. Take time to relax and put your feet up and listen to a good adventure story or sit outside and take in the pristine scenery that surrounds you. Also, we have very functional shower houses / wash stations with instant hot water, large shower stalls, towels, soap and shampoo to rejuvenate you during your trip. As well, we have generators for plugging in the freezers and can be used for charging batteries. Please keep in mind we usually vitalize the base camps at the beginning and the end of your hunt.



Meat sheds with freezers and a basic cutting area are available at the base camps. If a hunter would like to process some of their game harvested, they are more than welcome to help out with what they want to take home. We have wrapping paper and freezer bags available for the meat at these camps. Paper work will be completed in Whitehorse to export meat of the territory.


The HuntClick on the links below for more information on the specialized hunts we offer for the following animals. For information on the dates of our hunting trips, click here. Take a minute to read what our past hunters have to say about Dickson Outfitters.Dall Sheep - Grizzly Bear - Alaska / Yukon Moose



When hunting for Sheep, our primary mode of transportation is horseback. We raise our own horses, they are very gentle and no special riding skills are required. All hunting packages are complete except for your personal gear, rifle, licenses (hunting and fishing) and tags.



All hunters are supplied with their own guide. Like the rest of the guides who work for us, I guide full time and we all work very hard to ensure that your hunt is an experience of a lifetime.



On any of the hunts you book with us you can use rifle, archery or muzzle loader. When trying to choose a rifle caliber for your hunt, I would suggest the rifle you are most comfortable with. A well placed shot with any calibre of rifle will harvest the largest of game animals.



All hunting gear and personal gear should be of good quality as you will find lower quality gear usually does not last a hunt.



We offer combo hunt packages for combinations of all the game animals. See our dates section for more information!



On any of the fall hunts you can also harvest a Black Bear, Timber Wolf, Coyote, and a Wolverine. There are no harvest fees should you take one of these game animals while on any of the fall hunts.



Fishing trips are offered in the Summer, Fall and Winter.


Our summer trips begin June 10. Accommodation is at our base camp on Tchawsahmon Lake (pronounced Tas-a-mone), which is only accessible by float plane. We use 14 -18 foot aluminum boats with small outboard motors for fishing on the lakes. Lake Trout, Northern Pike and the feisty Arctic Grayling are plentiful in all the waters we fish.



During our summer fishing trips, you can fish 24 hrs in the land of the Midnight Sun.



For our winter trips, we access our base camp using both aircraft and snow machines. Besides fantastic ice-fishing, we also offer a full range of winter activities. The local mountains are available for skiing and snowboarding, access to which is provided by the snow machines. Our base camp is fully-equipped for cozy, winter accommodation.



We have great success catching all species of fish, including Ling Cod through the ice that is sometimes four feet thick.


Often the clear night skies are filled with a spectacular display of the Northern lights.


Snow machines can also be available for adventures in the surrounding mountains where we often view moose, caribou and sheep.


Our winter trips are fun and suitable for people of all ages.


On any of the fishing trips we cook and eat a lot of the fish you catch. We also have a smoker at the camp and often smoke some of the best fish you will ever eat.



Call us to customize a fishing trip for you, your family and friends!

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