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Lyndon and Carolyn Gliege


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  Your hosts,Lyndon, Carolyn, and Hunter Gliege, look forward to serving you in an exciting adventure that will create memories for a lifetime.



Lodging at Smoothstone Lake Lodge will be in traditional handcrafted log buildings. Our main lodge was new to us in 2003. This building is fully modern with lots of space to spread out. We have 5 bedrooms, a large dining area, a reading loft area, washrooms, and decks that overlook the lake.



The rest of the buildings are log cabins which are self contained with power, wood stoves, propane ovens, fridge and all the furnishings you need for a relaxing vacation. There is a beautiful sand beach area and for families with kids we have a playground area.



Whitetail Deer Hunts



We have been operating as outfitters in this area since 1997. From 2003 – 2012 we were partnered up with Jim Shockey’s – Canadian Whitetail Adventures. We are grateful for the years to have worked with Jim in this territory. At the end of the 2012 season there was an opportunity for us to resume the business on our own again.



2013 started a new page for us in outfitting and we are really enjoying what feels like a renewed vision for the territory. We would be honored to have you come and enjoy what is truly a unique and spectacular wilderness adventure.



This is a large territory (nearly 750 square miles including the lakes in the territory). We have had the privilege of getting to know this territory very well over the last 10 years. We will be doing everything we can to manage this territory for a high quality hunt.



The territory has produced some very good bucks over the last 15 years and we want to build on the genetics that will produce a very good hunt for years to come.



This is a remote territory where the deer feel little human pressure. We do the bulk of our hunting from ground blinds that are camouflaged in but there are areas where we use ladder style stands. Equally important as giving you a good hunt with a great trophy, it is important for us to give you a great experience overall. You always have our word, we will put our best foot forward for you, the things that are within our control (lodging, meal service, guide service etc.) we will try to do very well.



In the same token we are looking to have hunters that will help us manage this territory for years to come. We want to work together with you to not be harvesting the “up and comers”. Our goal is mature bucks giving those 3 1/2 ten pointers or twelve pointers a chance to grow up. We want be very careful to not over harvest the territory.



To those who have hunted with us in the past we thank you for your continued support, to those looking for a whitetail hunt thank you for considering our operation. We would be honored to the best we can to fulfill your dreams. Hope to see in the woods.


Bear Hunts



Our territory – 50,000 acres of vast forest land – is home to some monster black bears with a good percentage of colour phase bears. We have harvested browns, blondes, cinnamons and of course, blacks, inside our area. Most of our hunting is done from tree stand over bait sites which has allowed for a very selective and successful harvest. If archery or muzzle loader are your interest, then this type of hunt makes an excellent choice with very good pope and young potential. Whether file or bow, our goal is success.





If you enjoy fishing, we have some great northern pike action for you. With very limited access to the lake, Smoothstone Lake Lodge does not receive very much fishing pressure which has made for a growing healthy pike stock and good success. With the lake being easy to navigate you can either enjoy it on your own or hire a guide to get you to those memorable spots.



If you need to rent a boat, we will put you in good equipment. We use 18′ Alumarine Boats with 40 hp electric start, four stroke Yamaha engines. The boats have 4 swivel seats and other than your rod and tackle, will come equipped well for the day. See you on the water. “Fish On”


Bird Hunts



For our bird hunts we have 5 zones in South Eastern Saskatchewan. With the beauty of the prairie landscape, seeing the sun break the horizon and the anticipation of that first flock committing to your spread, unless you have been there it is hard to describe.



Our hunts are 3 full days in length. We will be hunting in groups of 4-6 in size. In the morning we typically set up for a field goose shoot and in the afternoon we will hunt either ducks, upland or set up another goose shoot. Arrival is the evening prior day 1 of your shoot and departure is after the hunt is over on day 3. During the course of the 3 days, everything will be provided in terms of meals, lodging, transportation and all decoys and blinds.



For the bird business, we are partnered with friends from Big River, Bruce and Treena Leverton. We operate this as “Boundary Birds.”

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