CA Bull Elk Ranch


United States


1094 E 1520 N, Richfield


Latitude: 43.156515

Longitude: -114.185774



+1 208-404-9632

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CA Bull Elk Ranch began as a dream. Calvin & I (Gail) both came from farming and ranching backgrounds and have always wanted a ranch of our own. Of course we didn’t want just an ordinary ranch we wanted an ELK ranch.  After many years of working toward that goal We purchased 160 acres that was in need of much tender loving care. Rolling up our sleeves, and with the help of our two sons (and a great bunch of friends), we began making the transformation. The ranch began in 2002 with only 20 bred cows and one good bull. This became known as CA Bull Elk Ranch.


In 2007 we began hunting pheasants. In 2010 we added bobwhite quail and 2011 we added courtnix quail. The spring of 2012 we added chukar to the bird mix. I (Gail) am ranch owner/manager (which really means I is the hands on day to day feeder, waterer, fence builder, bookkeeper, salesperson, and all around help). Calvin worked on the road as an equipment operator to fund the ranch as it was getting started (it isn't cheap to raise elk).



In 2004 we added a new helper to our ranch. Miah, our granddaughter, came to live with us. She has grown up feeding elk and pheasants. She had her car seat in the tractor (she began feeding elk when she was only 2 weeks old). Her favorite job on the ranch is gathering chicken eggs, pheasant eggs, quail eggs. Some eggs are taken to the house and cleaned for sale or use and others are taken to the incubator to hatch. She learned to count by collecting the eggs and counting them as they are placed in the trays to be ready for the incubator. Miah turned 9 this year and helps us do many of the chores on the ranch.



December 14, 2012 we bought a new ranch in Richfield. We sold our 160 acre ranch in Hazelton. Over the past year we have Moved the ranch. Of course this has not been an ordinary move. It has held many challenges. We have slowly built fences and flight pens at the new location and moved our animals. We have looked at it as an eveloution more than a move.



 We are continuing to Evolve! 

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